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Free Amazon Gift Card Generator v3.01 2014

Amazon Free Cash Generator

Free Amazon Gift Card Generator

my amazon gift card balance

About Amazon:, Inc. is an American worldwide electronic industry organization with head office in Dallas, California, Combined Declares. It is the biggest on the internet store. The organization also produces technology – especially the Amazon Amazon kindle e-book reader – and is a major provider of reasoning processing services.
Amazon has separate retail sites for the following countries: Combined Declares, North america, Combined Kingdom, Portugal, Malaysia, Tuscany, The country, Japan, and China, with international shipping to certain other nations for some of its products. It is also expected to launch its sites in Belgium, Holland and Norway.
Jeff Bezos included the organization (as Cadabra) in September 1994, and the site went on the internet as in 1995. The organization was relabeled after the Amazon River, one of the biggest estuaries and waterways in the world, which in turn was named after Amazons, the renowned nation of female players in Ancient myth. started as an on the internet book store, but soon varied, selling DVDs, CDs, MP3 downloading, software, games, gadgets, outfits, furniture, food, toys, and jewelry.

Free Amazon Gift Card Generator Description:

This is v2.03 amazon gift card generator (our leatest version). You can use gift cards for almost everything, so you can download this peace of hack software and you won’t never ever again need to spend any money on amazon shopping. Great thing is that amazon is one of largest web store, so you can find there almost everything you need. We find amazon interesting for hacking and everyday we are working on improving our amazon gift card generator. So for you this hack tool it’s totally free. Remember this hacks software is illegal so be carefull, do not generate or use more then one or two free amazon gift codes daily. When amazon patch our software, we will made another version in day or two, so when this software stop working just wait day or two and download new improved version. This is our 14th version and we have 100s of happy users. We are now working on v3.0 that version will be our art work, and the most stable version of amazon gift card generator on the internet, so that version will cost about 500-1000$ ( we didn’t decided yet ), but this is beta version and it’s totally free. Unlike the other amazon hack tools on this one you DO NOT need to enter your passwords credit card nummbers and other private stuff, this requires JUST your email adress. Enjoy in our Free Amazon Gift card generator.


Instruction For Amazon Gift Card Generator Free Download:

- Click Download Button
- Complete a short survey ( it takes 1 minute and its FREE )

NOTE: If you can’t find good survey on first download button try with secound one!

- After download just open the generator enter your amazon email adress click on generate button and get your Amazon Gift card free. 

NOTE: A permanent Internet Connection must be active in the process of code generation.


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Enjoy in Free Amazon Gift Cards! Please Share, like and tweet this post! If you have some questions or problems with generator please post comment or contact us vie email. Team
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146 Responses to “Amazon Gift Card Generator”

  1. THANK YOU says:

    Thank you hacks and cracks. I couldn’t belive that something like this is real. You saved me A LOT OF MONEY. People just one note, do not use 500$ code, first I tried 500$ code and amozon banned me right away, but with smaller coupons everything works fine.

    Thank you so much.

    • JAY0000 says:

      hey can u help me please i cant seem to do it.
      many thanks jay :)

      • EuforijaKg says:

        Just follow steps on survey, put your real informations, and that’s it, survey completed.

        Best Regards!


    • GoldXHero says:

      hello please it does not work please please please can somebody send me an email of the file please my email is ok can somebody email me the file please i downloaded it but it just saying 0 codes left please send me it please please please

      • EuforijaKg says:

        Hi GoldXHero,

        Maybe you downloaded old version, our team updating amazon gift code generator every 6 hours so you can download new version and get your codes..

        Best Regards!

  2. JAY0000 says:

    hi I downloaded the amazon generator but it doest work it opens the window and then i cant get any gift cards codes it just says my versions pathced and that i should download it again but i cant can someone send me the generator in a email please it would help loads many thanks jay :)

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Thank you for contacting us, look amazon update security evry 6 hours, when they update it generator is patched. Then our hack team cracked new algorithm and make new version of generator. This is happending because this generator is still in beta testing, so every six hours our team make new version of generator and we upload it here. When you download patched version it’s just bad timing, just wait 6 hours, and download new version that works.
      Thank you…

      Best Regards!


  3. John says:

    When ever I click on the login button the generator it says ” Error 7854742, Amazon Gift Card failed to Reach Account may be Because there is no current Gift Card Balance.

    I dont have any amazon account so made a new one and when I try to get the balance to above message appears in the software

    • EuforijaKg says:

      I don’t know, but that is not our generator, maybe you downloaded something from someone else website, please try generator that is created by hacksandcracks team…

      Thank you..

  4. John says:

    Yous you were right, now it works. THANK YOU MATE

  5. John says:

    are all just ur bullshit to lure people to download from your stupid links and filling the surveys so that you can make money out of people again and again. Get a life you morons. If you are so eager to help people put download links which do not require a survey which can fill ur filthy pockets.

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Hi John,

      I am sorry you think that way, but this site is new and we need money to pay our hack team to work on generators. You can see on other websites that people charge 1000-2000$ for generators like this, we offering here for free, you just need to complete survey… Just try and you will see how much money can you earn from generator like this one…

      Thank you..

  6. richard says:

    Hi EuforijaKg,

    I’ve downloaded the amazon generator but it doest work. I did wait 6hours to try again but still have the pop up erro message.. I’ve type both my email and amazon password in the generator and still fails. Can you please leave a message on your site or email me when the new version is up and runing that would be really apriciated.

    Best Regards!


    • EuforijaKg says:

      Hi richard,

      New version is going out every six hours, so when amazon patch this one our team make new and update this one. You don’t need to type any password, just username, maybe that’s what you did wrong…

      New version is going out today at 3 PM, so try then…

      Thank you…

  7. warenhuiswinkelshopmarktwarenhuizenwinkelsshop`smarktenwebshopwebwinkel says:

    I can’t believe this is really working thank you man so much. I have ebay generator, maybe you want to buy it, if you want please let me know.

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Thank you for your offer but our team working on ebay gift code generator right now, and I think it will be finished next month, so we don’t need that generator…

      Best Regards…

  8. pw says:

    This app is amazing, plase let me know when you publish ebay generator

  9. bioclimatizacion says:

    thank you so much, I just bought now computer

  10. Ekuzz says:

    It works tnx so much man i love this generator thanks so much!

  11. Jordan says:

    hey ive been trying to get this file but every time after i complete a survey it doesnt give me the file just looks like its loading i have waited to see if it’s just taking a long to time give me the file but it just doesnt give me the file can anyone help me? my email is

  12. Matthew says:

    OK i downloaded a game for the ads ad it still wont let me download, i dont know what is going on but i cannot download it and im pissed

  13. Marcus says:

    Thank you so much man! I love buying stuffs for free! Thanks!!!

  14. stephen says:

    great this is amazing thank you so much

  15. E says:

    It keeps telling me there are 0 codes…how do I know when it’s updated. I know it says every 6 hrs but I can’t sit here for 6 hours…and what if your 6hrs is 5 mins from now? What’s the best advice for this? Just keep trying?

    • EuforijaKg says:

      We can’t know that too, Amazon updating their security every six hours, but our technical team can hack it when it’s patched in 5-7 hrs so we can’t tell right time, but when they crack new algorithm, and update generator, you have about 5-6 hours to download it and use it, so you just download it in bad time… Just try again in six hours I am sure it will work then.

      Enjoy :)

  16. shoniiboii says:

    whats the password for the generator

  17. christa says:

    When I finish with the quick offer a notepad pops up with a bunch of wrtiing and letters I dont understand why. Please help.

    • EuforijaKg says:

      What notepad? Can you please take screen shot of that and send me?

      • christa says:

        It had closed out I have to do it again and then I can show you. Sorry and thank you

        • EuforijaKg says:

          I don’t know what is that, nobody had complains about something like this… I really wish I can help you somehow… did you download the amazon generator, or notepad pops up when you complete the offer( before downloading )?

          • christa says:

            When i completed the offer it started to download but when it finished instead of the generator popping up the notepad popped up instead

      • christa says:

        My Laptop wont let me take screenshot, but here it something that pop up on the notpad
        … Not sure why though.

        Rar! ϐs
        ‚tÀM €ú’ €ú’ ‰\xù2’¬@0( amazon gift card code generator 2012.rar ðƒR„Rar! ϐs
        î“tÄ”U ú’ `( HcY{vY@3( amazon gift card code generator 2012.exek¿Ë¶úÆ› °—•‘ô)Eûñ4ⷥɄ¸¯€’Xd hS×ý¾²®Ú#Ýíòv
        1÷‰SMcôLÀ§žØƼ¡ ŽEÓHöÁmùe~_’+Ò¶™¤{„¦?ˆæ3ädgö_bsß—…ÓgßlÛŸûÏI}µßn2Ň£F¨þS”0ò³ß •
        SÝW´Šð¡ÍoÊ„Øíñ‰+‘̌ +óÝ^Pèo°¡Û€ò_¥9þr±w( ÎS
        ÒC°¡BcHÿêic3؝«-_q¿‘Þ¢ ˜ÉÒ½G½w†¶Z`+ÂÜ«ˆx$Fôª·oª™ÂRz¶Ï}`¾ÜER;î

        • EuforijaKg says:

          Did you have same problem before with some other program or generator?

          I saw this for the first time, nobody had complains like this… If this is the first time that your laptop opening notepad file instead of generator .exe file I will as our technical team about this. Generator that you downloaded is 5 hours old now and it should be updated soon, but I just looked at my email and in this five hours I received 11 e-mails with thank you for amazon generator note, so this is some problem on your laptop generator is working.

  18. ReallyThinking says:

    Is there a new version coming out soon?

  19. Tasnia Mahmud says:

    I’m trying to download it but every time i do a survey it doesn’t unlock, and i have already done all of them except 1 :(

    • EuforijaKg says:

      You must enter correct information, not fake… Try with 2nd link, and remember you must type correct information!!!

      Enjoy :D

  20. thanks a lot man, I downloaded yesterday but, I forgot to thank you, I will record positive testimonial on youtube for your website, great job.

  21. nas says:

    i downloded and it says it have 0 codes pleaseeee help

  22. JANE says:


  23. jack best says:

    Thank you man, I just bought laptop with your generator!! THANKS SO MUCH!!!

  24. JANE says:

    I just downloaded it but it states that it has 0 codes but I just downloaded it 2 minutes ago. So is it better to download from the 1st link or 2nd link?

  25. Steven says:

    Please all i am asking is a 100 gift code on my email please. Cause it won’t let me download

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Everybody can download it… Sorry but you must download it to get generator, that’s the website’s rules…

      Thank you…

  26. EuforijaKg says:

    I am really sorry guys, but we have some minor problems with sharecash ( 2nd download link ) I we can’t update our amazon generator on that link, so please download from first link only… Our team working out on that problem so it will be solved in the next 24-48 hours I hope so. In the meantime use only first link for downloading… It works perfectly.

    Thank you for understanding…

    Best Regards and ENJOY…

  27. Steven says:

    If i had download the program from a computer, can’t i use on another computer just by sharing the file to the other one. Or do i have to re download after the file was updated

  28. Steven says:

    What time is the hack always updated please let me know

  29. Steven says:

    You guys rock, thanks a lot. Could you make a CashCrate Money Adder, a Swagbucks Generator, a Nike Gift Card Generator, and a Playstation Network Gift Card Generator, Thanks a lot, i will really appreciate it.

    • EuforijaKg says:

      I will tell my technical team about that, and they will see if they can do that. We also have some new generators in beta testing almost ready to get public, so we will need some time for that. We already late so much with ebay gift generator, but we have some major problems with it so we won’t let it public till we fix that…


  30. Steven says:

    Could you make a Lnkgt Link please, it always approve me and most people when they do a survey.

  31. Steven says:

    I really appreciate what you did for me. With your help i had a free 125 dollars gift cards amazon, i was scared to put more. If i could i would thank you billions and billions of times. After tried to redownload it after the the update it wouldnt help me. Please email me so i could explain everything else thank you.

  32. Steven says:

    Please what is the helping email adress, i really need to tell you something

  33. christa says:

    how do i share and like the link on facebook?

  34. memes says:

    Hi, I paid few bucks for survey but it totally worth it!!! Thank you so much!!

    Best Regards From France!!!!

  35. raul says:


  36. Steven says:

    If i could thank you billions of times i would. At the same time i am
    seeking to see a Lnkgt link to download your hacks. It would be
    perfect to do this. When you do a LNkgt survey or offers it let you do
    it many times and you still get credited and can download your file in
    a minute. But instead these links you had put they only let me do it
    once. I try to change my Ip but they wont let me. You cam still get
    pay the same way File ice does and it wont cost you anything to upload
    the Lnkgt link. I want to re download the amazon hack after the update
    and the ITunes one but it wont let me. If i have to i will beg you
    billions of times i will. God will give you a return for helping your
    brothers and sisters in need. Please respond and upload the link.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Hi Steven,

      Thank you for support…

      I will tell our technical team to do something about it. I don’t know what is that lnkgt, but they probably know so I will tell them to see what we can do..


  37. e-cigarettes says:

    Great hack dude, I just wondering how did you do this. I was trying to hack amazon for 2 years and nothing, this is the first hack I found that works for real. Thanks bro!

  38. raul says:

    maybe this is some error in conection , try again…….
    who is this, do not let me

  39. Josh says:

    Hi, Ummmm I downloaded the Hack and when I put In the Email it says there are 0 codes available.. I even came back 6 hous later and found the same Download… If someone could help me or Email Me @ Thank you and have a nic day.

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Hi Josh,

      It’s not same download after 6 hours… Our team updating the software every six hours so you can download this is the new version.


  40. I love hacksandcracks says:

    This is the best website, and amazon generator is your best hack. You can’t believe how much money I saved with this hack. Thank you so so soooo much, I can’t wait for ebay generator. I love you guys!!! <333

  41. raul says:

    as updated? I have to re-download it?

  42. Steven says:

    Please could you tell me best time to download the program again

  43. smm says:

    Finally my dreams comes true Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

  44. Steven says:

    The reason i told you to make a Lnkgt link instead a Fileice one, because once u do any offer for FileIce it let u download the link it, twice, but instead i also tried to change my Ip adress but nothing worked

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Hi Steven,

      I really don’t know what the lnkgt link is, but I send message to technical team and they will look into it. I also send request about some generators that you are looking for and I still waiting for an answer. When they give me an answer I will told you all about it.

      Thank you…

  45. Steven says:

    But make sure when they give a response let me konw, i will check this website everyday

  46. Chris says:

    I spend about 1500$ on amazon last month, this hack will really help me to save a lot of money. Thank you :)

  47. Ekuzz says:

    at what times does it update?

  48. Dania says:

    I have a download app for my ipad, that allows me to download anything. Will this work on ipad? Or it needs to be a computer?

    • EuforijaKg says:

      At this time, Amazon Gift Card Generator working only for computer. So you must download it with your computer, and open it also on your computer.


  49. Steven says:

    What did your tech team said about the lnkgt link

  50. Beckyl250 says:

    Why is it not working and the links to download the app take so long to finally come to the download page the first time it worked to download the old app that doesnt generate anything. Maybe the hackers should add more quick surveys to download the generator.It also wont let me download the new app!! Please fix!

    • EuforijaKg says:

      You did something wrong… You can download new app you just need to fill up the survey or some kind of other offer based on your county. Thank you

  51. Damien says:

    Est ce que ça marche en France pour ? :)

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Yes, of course, generator is working in France too, it’s work for any country…

      Please speak in English next time…

      Thank you..

  52. emuee says:

    whens next update?

  53. micic4 says:

    Thank you very much, this is the best thing I have ever found, I just buy something for first time on amazon free all thanks to you! I can’t wait for more tools like this!!!!

    Best Regards!!!

  54. Steven says:

    Some is wrong with your program. It kept saying 0 codes, every times, and the numbers don’t even appear on my computer. Please response about the lkngt, and the other hacks generator

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Are you downloaded a new version or you are trying with the old one? As you can see micic4 download it and it’s work for him. What numbers isn’t appear on your computer? I told you about lkngt owner of this website can’t get good deal with them, so he won’t put those on his website. What about other hacks generator?

  55. Steven says:

    It just don’t work for me, and i need that hack man, it could be 500 dollars, i would be so happy

  56. Steven says:

    Could you email me so i could explain some to you,

  57. Jacques says:

    Great hack, I even earn 300$ in cash with it! Thanks.

  58. amine says:

    pleaz i cant do a servey ca you giv it to me pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    • EuforijaKg says:

      Everybody can do the survey. Just try again, and remember you have to enter correct information. ENjoy…

      • gtx says:

        EuforijaKg plz help me why i got error all the time cant you say to me what time i have to download that work for me

        • EuforijaKg says:

          If you are downloading with 2nd link, sorry but we had some problems and 2nd link didn’t work these days, we fixed it a few hours ago.


  59. gtx says:

    or is not work for my country i am for belgium

  60. Brienna says:

    When is the next update?

  61. Brienna says:

    And do you just click on download again when the update it ready?

  62. Jennifer says:

    hello (:
    today, I finally managed to unlock the file, but when I tried to generate it, a message pops up saying that 0 codes are available. It said that every 6 hours, they would update a new version, and said to download it again in 6 hours. by that, does it mean that I have to complete another survey and re-download it? please help, because I am really confused! I have been searching amazon generators on YouTube for a while now, and so far, I have really high hopes for this one. >.<

  63. pleeser85 says:

    Great hack,first that I found working!Thank you very much,I am spending a lot of money on amazon every month,this is great and will save me a lot of money!thank you!!!

  64. Brienna says:

    Any tips to get past the surveys? I have done all of them multiple times and i put valid information every time but i cant seem to unlock the content. I have been trying for a while now. Any advice?

  65. Brienna says:

    when is the next update as well?

  66. Brienna says:

    when is the best time to download it? right when it updates?

  67. victor says:

    is there any way i can just buy this from you guys?… serious… surveys?

  68. Hans says:

    Thank you so much, I bought some generator like this last week, it cost me 100$ and it’s a scam. This one is free, and it’s working perfect, thank youuuuu

  69. New cell phone says:

    Hi, I just received cell phone that I bought with this generated cash on amazon. Thank you, I will spread some good words about this website all over the internet. I am waiting for ebay generator like this one :) Thanks again

  70. gilda says:

    Works great! THANK YOU!!!

  71. Jhonlones says:


  72. Facebook says:

    Thank you

  73. Alexa says:

    Thank you so much!

  74. Alex says:

    I downloaded the new generator on your website. It works well and gave me the claim code, but when I try to redeem it on Amazon, it just says that it wasn’t redeemed.

    I tried all amounts, but it still resulted in the same error. Please help?

    • EuforijaKg says:

      You didn’t download that on our website, because our generator doesn’t work like that… Our generator generates code and redeem it for you, so on our generator you can’t redeem it yourself, generator does that for you…

      • Alex says:

        I downloaded from the second Download Now button, completed the Sharecash survey, and then downloaded and ran the generator. It was different. When I clicked $100 and entered my email, it gave me a code that isn’t like the Amazon code, and then I redeemed it on Amazon, and I was greeted with an error message.

  75. ILAN says:


    I can’t download the file..
    I completed the mission for the download but I still can’t start the download.
    When I completed other mission, it gave me more missions to do.

    Please, what can I do?

  76. ILAN says:

    Hello again, I tried to do a mission that is not for my country and I used a IP masking program because my country has no missions except SMS. Today, I tried to do the SMS mission (send a SMS with a content), but the number that was given to me is wrong and therefore I was not able to send the SMS. I think it’s scam but I don’t sure. Please, help me if it’s not a scam. Thank you!

    • gilda says:

      greetings hello I’m from Venezuela wanted to download but does not give me the option encuenta sms or would help me get the program. -

  77. Boblu says:

    what surveys do you recommend i take ?

  78. Evagoras says:

    I live in Cyprus and it haven’t offers please!!!!

  79. Formatie nunta iasi says:

    Working amazing, thank you

  80. Michael says:

    i downloaded 7zip nothing i downloaded ilivid nothing it never sent me to the download amazon generater please help

  81. Steve says:

    Working great thanks a ton!

  82. Zippy20 says:

    Thank you so much working awsome. Will download your other tools as well.

  83. srperent says:

    I generated 500$, this tool is really amazing..

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